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Give your home a whole new look. Badger State Flooring offers vinyl, wood, carpet, and luxury vinyl floors in a variety of styles and colors, from natural to traditional. With our all-inclusive installation packages, you can enjoy the ultimate in convenience when it comes to getting new floors for your home.*1638397590629*38977-removebg-preview*png?alt=media&token=26220443-38f3-48ec-af2c-98188053967e*1628648146263*New%2520Project*png?alt=media&token=10ff9986-b30d-48e9-91cb-3fb52106cd85

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Badger State Flooring combines in-depth knowledge of flooring installation with high-quality flooring from industry leading brands to provide a one-of-a-kind customer experience.

Simply fill out the form below to schedule a free consultation.*1638398268380*quality_image-removebg-preview*png?alt=media&token=e41a0b24-45d5-44e8-a9a6-8072582fce26

High Quality

Whether you’re looking to make a style statement or invest in a floor that’s going to last for years, we have the perfect solution. With our high quality long-lasting floors, you can get unbeatable durability and beauty with a minimum investment.*1638398375481*local_image-removebg-preview*png?alt=media&token=ff9dcc29-158d-4cbb-bb76-1d14f0b084c3

Locally Owned

We offer top-quality flooring at competitive prices, but what matters most to us is that you're comfortable with the people who are working on your floors. That's why we're a family-owned, local company. We've been in business for over three decades now - let us earn your trust with our commitment to quality and personalized service.*1638397965732*flooring_icon-removebg-preview*png?alt=media&token=47701b71-0484-4ed3-98a5-b1483069cf9d

Variety To Choose

We offer six types of flooring: resilient vinyl, luxury vinyl planks and tile, carpet, laminate and hardwood.*1628648146263*New%2520Project*png?alt=media&token=7b5424ca-804b-4424-828a-c6ec3bb2bf45

Don't just take our word for it.*1638399040717*floor%2520testimonial%25201*png?alt=media&token=15e13781-90c2-45b0-9dd7-e79e10593d41

Badger State Flooring did an amazing job putting in the floors in the kitchen hallway in spare bedroom. By far the best company to put in floors!!! Thanks you guys 


Just completed our third project with Badger State Flooring. We are always happy with the results.

- Brent Reimer*1638399186320*floor%2520testimonial%25203*png?alt=media&token=9fe66ce8-4697-48f0-bd2f-2e8a88924991

Badger State Flooring was great to work with from start to finish! Their crew was professional, clean, and efficient; we are very happy with the end result. We highly recommend them for all of your flooring needs!!

- Lexi Dobberstein*1628648146263*New%2520Project*png?alt=media&token=d0730f02-f73f-4d0a-b638-2ee97af696d8*1638399324510*Carpet%2520flooring*jpeg?alt=media&token=3a2fb20c-1c1a-4479-ae25-be478f502fc1

Carpet Flooring

Choose from a wide variety of styles and types such as Berbers, pattern Berbers, Plush, Frieze, and carpet tiles. We have the carpeting you need for any room in your home.*1638399392633*Hardwood%2520flooring*jpeg?alt=media&token=b933e3a0-0142-4466-bd88-08563342d881


Choose hardwood flooring to add natural warmth and elegance to a room. It’s especially great for living rooms, kitchens, formal dining spaces, and master bedrooms.*1638399497367*Laminate%2520flooring*png?alt=media&token=c72e0a31-2859-4d2a-a668-30d009572c90


Choose laminate floors for spaces in your home that both need to look beautiful and stand up to wear: kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, etc.*1638399569138*Vinyl%2520Flooring*jpeg?alt=media&token=42235db8-9cac-4cb8-a012-802987a1e89f


Vinyl flooring is a perfect choice for mudrooms, laundry rooms, bathrooms, entryways, kitchens and other high-traffic hubs in your home.*1638399669658*LVP%2520flooring*jpeg?alt=media&token=c0b31ae4-6d54-40fd-a9f4-a0090117fca5

Luxury Vinyl Plank

LVP flooring is ideal for high traffic spaces like mud rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and more but also looks gorgeous in more formal spaces like dining and living rooms.*1638399748960*LVT%2520Flooring*jpeg?alt=media&token=ac7d46e9-fe07-48cb-9f76-156743659326

Luxury Vinyl Tile

LVT is a great option for just about any room in a home or business that desires a luxurious look at a lower cost. It’s perfect for master bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and more.

We're experts in flooring, and we're here to help.

When it comes to flooring, you'll find that there's no better choice than Badger State Flooring. We offer the best flooring at the best prices, and we're dedicated to complete satisfaction.*1628648146263*New%2520Project*png?alt=media&token=a4238f7a-84ca-431b-9e1b-c3c9c238b9cf*1638395723482*Badger-State-Flooring-LLC*png?alt=media&token=b3e32745-f2f2-4ad6-9e32-df5c7df11715
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